Burford Capital is By Far the Most Undervalued Company I Know Of

Burford Capital is the largest legal finance company in the world. While Burford is mostly known for funding lawsuits, they provide legal capital in a variety of ways. In the simplest example though, Burford funds a plaintiff’s lawsuit by paying their legal expenses. If the case is lost, Burford loses their entire investment. If the case is won, the plaintiff pays Burford a share of the winnings. I believe there are numerous benefits for plaintiffs to get funding from a company like Burford.

At a high-level, litigation funding can flatten the legal playing field. Lawsuits are expensive. Many legitimate lawsuits are never filed because the potential plaintiff cannot—or does not want to—pay for the legal expenses. Plaintiffs often do not like the traditional hourly billing model that many law firms operate on. But working with a litigation funder allows a plaintiff to exchange having to pay their own legal expenses for a percentage of their winnings if the case is victorious. To date, many plaintiffs have welcomed this trade-off of less downside, less upside, and more flexibility.

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