Zoom Is Zooming Into Massive Growth

Zoom Telephonics (ZMTP, $1.73) is a microcap that is about to experience explosive growth. In 2015 they did $10.8 million in revenue and their 2016 goal is to do between $50 and $100 million. This ramp up is due to a large contract win they announced last April with Motorola. The stock is up around 800% since then! But if management hits its projections, Zoom’s stock could have a lot more gas left in the tank.

Business overview

Not counting the Motorola deal, Zoom mostly sells low-end modems and modem/router combinations (but not routers). They sell modems for cable Internet, DSL, and even 56k. Never would I think that in 2016 I’d be researching two companies that still deal in dial-up Internet. Maybe Sitestar and Zoom need to get together and see who’s legacy dial-up business is shittier.
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