What Is Sitestar Worth? Part 2

In February I wrote a post detailing the situation at Sitestar (SYTE). If you didn’t read it, Sitestar is a micro-cap ($4M market cap) that was taken over by a couple of activist investors this past December. Most of Sitestar’s value comes from the 42 properties they own around the Roanoke, Virginia area, but they also have a legacy dial-up ISP business and they own the domain first.com. In the last post, I valued the company on a net asset value (NAV) basis somewhere in the range of 7 cents to 9.2 cents (current share price is 5.5 cents). Steven Kiel and Jeff Moore (the two activist investors) haven’t announced their plans for the company yet, but I think some kind of liquidation is one of the more likely outcomes. If a liquidation does happen, a discounted cash flow (DCF) is probably the best way to value the company.
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What Is Sitestar Worth? Part 1

I’m betting Sitestar (SYTE, $0.0465) is a familiar name to those of you who follow the microcap space. For those who don’t recognize it, I’ll do a quick catch-up. Sitestar started getting attention in 2011 when Jeff Moore (aka Ragnar Is A Pirate) began writing about them and continued updating readers up until June 2014 when he started some activism. If what I write piques your interest, I highly recommend reading through his many posts for an educational and entertaining look at his past 4.5 years of involvement in this company.
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