Podcast with Eric Schleien

Two weeks ago I was on Eric Schleien’s The Intelligent Investing Podcast. We spent most of the podcast talking about two of my favorite long-term compounders, Where Food Comes From (WFCF) and Interactive Brokers (IBKR). We also mention Franklin Covey (FC), Elbit Vision Systems (EVSNF), and a handful of other more general investing topics. Click below to give it a listen. Cheers.

Episode 9 – The Intelligent Investing Podcast

3 thoughts on “Podcast with Eric Schleien

  1. Hi Travis,

    follower from Germany here. I don’t know how much of your Interactive Brokers investment is based on international growth, but anyways:
    The broker Degiro is also very low cost compared to the traditional european brokers and are growing fast throughout Europe.
    I would say they are much more well known than IBKR (to be honest I never heard of them prior to reading your blog) in Germany and their platform is very well-made.

    All the best and thanks for the great work



      1. Thanks Moritz, haven’t heard of them before. They appear to be focused on retail only so I don’t know if they’re a direct competitor to IBKR. Degiro also doesn’t offer a US platform. Given most of the world’s investment AUM is based in the US, I continue to think that’s a meaningful advantage for IBKR over international brokers like Saxo and Degiro.


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