Check Out My Interview on the Micro Cap Investing Podcast

Fred Rockwell, founder of Tarsier Capital Management, and Nate Tobik, founder of Complete Bank Data, run an investing podcast that I was fortunate enough to be featured on. During the episode I discuss the recent volatility in the market, management compensation, how poker has affected my investing career and the stock I’ve been buying most recently: Consolidated-Tomoka. You can listen to the episode by clicking here or by searching iTunes for the Micro Cap Investing podcast and choosing episode 21.

In addition to the podcast, Fred and Nate are organizing a microcap conference in Philadelphia in November which I’ll be attending. Should be a great opportunity to have 1 on 1s with small companies and meet some other like-minded investors. If interested, you can click here to learn more and register for the event. If you plan on attending, do let me know. I always enjoy meeting other passionate investors.