Talking My Book on The Intelligent Investing Podcast

I went back on The Intelligent Investing Podcast this week to discuss a few companies Wiedower Capital owns, mainly Calloway’s Nursery, Franklin Covey, and Issuer Direct. Click below to listen.

The Intelligent Investing Podcast

As of this writing, Wiedower Capital owns shares in CLWY, FC, and ISDR. This is subject to change.

Franklin Covey Nearing An Inflection Point

I published my first write-up on Seeking Alpha today. The summary of my thesis is:

  • Franklin Covey (FC) is going through a SaaS transition that is temporarily harming its financials.
  • The new, improved business model should become more obvious to the market in the coming quarters.
  • There is upside of 40-80% over the next 18 months with potential for more longer term.

To read the entire write-up, head over to

As of this writing, Wiedower Capital owns shares in FC. This is subject to change.